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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Beloved did not make the cut....

I know a few of you are shock right now but it is true. Beloved is up for sale. It is time to expand the drum collection and in order to do that I must first pare down. So if anyone knows someone interested in a Djembe please send them my way.

Beloved has a fiberglass body by Toca and 14 inch head. She has been painted black and new non skid tread has been put on her. Her head is not the original thin Toca goat skin. It has been replaced with a thicker, unbleached West African goat skin. The skin was shaved after it was put on the drum so there is still a ring of hair around the outside. There is also some blue ink artwork in a vine motif on the head. She comes with a tuning wrench and a drum bag. Deep bass, high tones and crisp slaps!

I am asking $150.

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