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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today I went and took the Census Bureau test to be an Enumerator when the 2010 census is taken. After I finished the test 18 minutes early, I sat back and thought to myself, "Wow, I can't imagine anyone doing poorly on this!" Eighteen minutes later the proctor called time and everyone put their pencil down. I am still wondering if what I heard next actually happened. The two people a few seats over from me had this mini conversation:

Woman in ripped up jeans: "Wow, 30 minutes goes by fast."

Man in old t-shirt and cargo shorts: "I know! Twenty eight questions in 30 minutes! That's less than a minute per question!!"

Woman in ripped up jeans: "I KNOW!!"

WOW REALLY??? I don't think they did well on the math part of the test!!! The sad thing is after picking my jaw up off the floor I actually thought about the math because I figured there was no way anyone was that stupid and I must have heard them wrong or transposed a number in my head. Unfortunately, that was not the case!!!

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