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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Orange City Invocation for November

Let us learn peace

Peace is more than the absence of worry. It is the creation of a safe haven for all; it is the building of security for everyone; it is the forgiveness of self, as well as the forgiveness of one who would harm you.

Let us seek contentment; let us learn peace.

Peace is more than the absence of discordance. It is the intent listening to diverse points of view; it is the intentional speaking of all voices, one at a time; it is the tension within silence that welcomes all thoughts.

Let us seek harmony; let us learn peace.

Peace is more than the absence of tension. It is studying the hard lesson of letting go; it is breathing through the pain into tranquility; it is forming friendship out of enmity.

Let us seek serenity; let us learn peace.

Let peace flow into you. Let it calm your troubled self, heal your needy self, help your angry self to remember to listen – fully and compassionately – to one another.

Let peace flow around you, until you walk with peace and speak words of peace and reflect all the radiance of this beautiful world.

Let peace flow through you and beyond you. Let peace guide you and fill you with wisdom. Let it be the bridge that connects you, not just with people of good will but also with people whose hearts are centered in their own needs and desires, who are not yet free to bring peace into their own hearts.

Let peace fill the world. Let it begin now. Here. Today.

We ask this in the name of that power that dwells within us and beyond us; a power called by many names, in many times and in many places, but whose universal name is Love.
So Be It. Namaste. Amen.

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